Women Aces: A Novel of Women Fighter Pilots in the Great Patriotic War

Katrina Safronova already knows women fighter pilots sent to male units are not heartily welcomed by the men in combat squadrons. Somehow Katrina feels she and her three friends, proven and decorated veterans of the Stalingrad battles, might be more readily accepted than beginners. It proves to be a false hope.

Making matters worse, and against her better judgement, she falls in love with one of the men in her squadron. Katrina struggles with her feelings, knowing in her heart that every person she has loved, family and friends, has either disappeared or fallen in this war. How can she allow herself to love before the killing ends?

Women Aces honors the unheralded bravery of Russian women who put their lives on the line in deadly combat against the invaders of their homeland. More often than not they flew mission after mission without the appreciation or acknowledgement of their male comrades, or the country for which they fought.