Cauldron – A Novel

cropped-headshot-e1471891368816.pngThe Setting: World War II, in the midst of the aerial battle for the Kursk Salient, July 1943

Captain Alexei Demetrovsky, flying with an elite Guards Fighter division, assigned to the Kursk airfield complex, learns from his friend that his loyalty to the Soviet Union has been questioned. During the battle Demetrovsky sees his best friend shot down by a German ace flying a brightly decorated fighter. Demetrovsky vows revenge.

Cauldron is a military historical novel of loss, love, and betrayal set on the Russian Steppes during the cataclysmic battle for the Kursk Salient. In the midst of the largest tank and air battle of World War II, combatants on both sides must look deep within themselves to find the personal courage to survive the carnage, violence, and chaos of war.

Author Jack Kruse writes military historical fiction set in World War II. He is currently completing Cauldron, a novel about the aerial battle of the Kursk Salient, a key confrontation on the Russian front as German and Soviet fighters and bombers engaged in an intensive series of engagements over the steppes of the Ukraine. Now retired and living in Wisconsin, Jack was an aircraft navigator and anti-submarine warfare tactical coordinator in the U.S. Navy.

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